The goal of this document is to give you some simple rules of thumb and creative thought- provoking ideas on how to safely hide and protect one’s bullion coins and bars. With safety in mind, the following are some general guidelines everyone should consider when storing silver and gold first-hand in an apartment or home, on a farm, or even with a trusted third party.

Please note, we do not endorse any of the specific suggestions we are about to make. This document is written with entertainment in mind. Each and every bullion buyer must remain solely responsible for the safekeeping of their very own holdings.

When one decides to buy and take possession of physical silver and gold bullion (coins, bars, and/or rounds), Kitco gold the question arises of where to take delivery and how to safely hold the items for the long term.

Let’s bring our focus now to the task of hiding and safely holding precious metals close to hand, outside of the financial system. They key for successful safe storage is often found using one’s creativity and ability to outwit a would-be thief.

Everyone usually thinks of the same trite and typical options, like purchasing a home safe. But just buying a fireproof safe and sticking it in the middle of your house or apartment may not be the kind of out of the box thinking required to keep your precious metals yours. Chances are very high that, by simply walking through your house and keeping an open mind, you could come up with a handful of interesting ideas for great would-be hiding spots.

Before we get too far down the rabbit hole, remember, it is your responsibility to keep tabs on where you hide your most precious assets for not only your sake but also the sake of those who may depend on you. Creating a coded treasure map may indeed be necessary, Gold price, depending how extravagant your hiding spots become.

Also, you will always want to be certain that you keep you precious metals in good condition- protected from humidity, moisture, and potential damage. You will most likely want to utilize plastic mint cases, tubes, air-tites, Where to buy gold and ziplock bags for protecting your metals while they remain hidden.

Now, as for the exact hiding spots, the choices will obviously be yours and mostly depend upon the domain you inhabit. Of course, someone living on a rural farm has more options than one renting a studio apartment in a crowded city.

With that in mind, let us give some details on a few ideas and hidden storage examples to help spur your creativity onwards.

Silver is one of the precious metals second in popularity from gold. The ancient men used it as money. By and by other uses came up such as making clothing, American silver eagle, jewelry, electrical appliances wood preservatives, Silver spot price, and water and food purification.