Financial security is not guaranteed in today’s world. With the U.S. dollar in serious jeopardy of losing its position as the world’s reserve currency, Americans should begin to focus on safer investment strategies. According to well-known financial investor and author of the international best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, there is one option that offers the best chance of financial success. Investing in rare metals, particularly gold and silver, is essential for anyone looking to protect their nest egg, as well as increase its worth. Let’s examine seven reasons why you should start investing in precious metals today.

Silver is one of the precious metals second in popularity from gold. The ancient men used it as money. By and by other uses came up such as making clothing, American silver eagle, jewelry, electrical appliances wood preservatives, Silver spot price and water and food purification.

1) There is no doubt that the value of the U.S. dollar will depreciate when its reign as the world reserve currency is over.

As a result, inflation will occur resulting in higher prices on consumer goods, as well as a reduction in the value of certain stocks, diminished income from interest-bearing securities, and much more. In the past, bond values were the most severely affected by inflation. Keep in mind that even cash invested in the most conservative manner or stored in a vault is at risk due to the consistent erosion of purchasing power that results from inflation. Watch this video below if you think that will never happen.

2) Gold, and other noble metals, is known for holding their value, but the supply is limited.

Gold has done the one thing that paper money has never been able to do. Although the price of gold tends to be volatile, it has not only been able to hold its value over time, but it has also seen an increase in its overall value. You also should keep in mind that gold is a natural element and cannot be manmade. While gold miners continue to search for gold, it is becoming increasingly hard to find. As with almost anything, a lack in the supply of gold will drive its price and value up. Now is certainly the time to Where to buy precious metals. In the past, the price of gold has dramatically increased during periods of inflation.

3) All indications point to a significant in demand for rare metals in the next few years.

Many native metals, especially silver, are frequently used in numerous industries. In fact, 75% of the silver that is mined is sold for industrial uses. According to The Silver Institute, there will be a 36% increase in the demand of silver for industrial purposes by 2016. Robert Kiyosaki has stated that silver may prove to be more valuable than gold in the future because of this fact. Platinum is also expected to rise in value because it is in high demand, but it is extremely difficult to find.